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Social Media Marketing

Increased Brand Recognition

Your social media networks are enriching your brand awareness. They make you more recognizable and familiar with your existing and potential customers.  A frequent social media user is more likely to involve in your project by seeing it for the first time in a facebook news feed. On the other hand, a passive customer may become highly interested after recognizing your brand in multiple networks.

Improved Brand Loyalty

Brands who engage on social media advertising are enjoying a higher loyalty rate from their customers. Social media deliver a a digital connection with your audience which is more likely to come back and be involved with your project more often.

More Opportunities to Convert

There are significant higher customer conversion rates than any other marketing channel.  Every like, share, video, or comment you publish creates an opportunity for a new customer to react. This reaction is the first step in building your brand awareness and increases the likelihood for a customer visit to be converted into a loyal customer.

Increased Inbound Traffic

There is no reason to limit your brand awareness to people that are already familiar with your project or search for keywords that you are currently involved. Every social media channel your create is another root that leads to your  site and every content you publish increases the inbound traffic that you will generate. Most importantly more traffic results in more conversions.

Efficient Marketing Costs

Every paid advertisement on Social Media is relatively cheap in comparison with other advertising mediums. You can start on a very small budget and build your social media campaigns progressively as you increase your conversion rates. Moreover, social media marketing provides analytic reporting that will help you evaluate your campaign and become more efficient and effective.

Better Search Engine Rankings

Google and other search engines will analyze your brand awareness also from Social Media Channels. The content you upload followed with a precise SEO planning is a significant indicator for all search engines that your presence is credible and trustworthy. Having a strong Social Media presence therefore will contribute to a higher ranking on a given set of keywords.

Improved Customer Insights

Social Media provide the tools to measure consumer behavior, interests and trends. For example you can monitor consumer comments or answers to a specific content. By analyzing the results you will gain insight to change content or produce more of the same content generating  more commercial interest.

If you still think about getting started consider the following points

Your Competition Is Already Involved

Don’ let your competitors improve while you stay back. Your customers are probably targeted from rival companies that strive to increase their market share.

The Sooner You Start, the Sooner You Experience the Benefits

It is all about relationship building. Start to grow your audience as quick as possible.

Potential Losses Are Insignificant

You wont lose anything by creating a social media profile. The time and money are minimal compared to other marketing channels.